Recruitment process

TMI stands for talented and motivated healthcare professionals!

How we choose our candidates

We do a careful preselection of candidates based on their education, work and internship experience, additional qualifications as well as their social skills. We speak with our nurses/doctors one-on-one and prescreen their English level which must be at least B2. The quality of our candidates is essential for TMI. Therefore, we check their documents and credentials carefully. All applicants accepted by TMI are qualified professionals in their country of origin and did successfully complete several years of education. To the UK and Ireland we mostly supply candidates from all over the EU. Especially Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Italian and Portuguese nurses are motivated to gain international work experience in an Englich-speaking country.

During the interview, TMI informs the candidates about the registration at the proper council–for example the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) or the NMBI (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland). Additionally, we inform them about the IELTS test in the UK and help them with preparing themselves for the test. We guide and support our candidates during the whole registration process. In some cases our candidates already have a PIN-number. We take over all organizational matters so that your company does not have to care about anything regarding the candidate’s work or residence permit.

We are aware that the right qualifications and experience of a candidate do not always mean a good match for the hospital. Therefore, it is important for us to know the specific requirements of your healthcare institution. By means of an extensive profile we evaluate whether a candidate fits your company. You decide whether you want to invite him/her for an interview. If so, we organize an interview with you and the candidate through Skype. In the end, you decide whether you want to employ our candidate or not. If not, we continue looking for other candidates that meet your requirements.

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