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The land of green hills, medieval castles and beautiful coastlines. The UK is a pearl. Have you always dreamed of living and working in the UK? Then this is your chance! TMI represents hundreds of vacancies for Healthworkers from the EU.

Working in the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom? TMI!

In the UK there is a serious shortage of nurses. Because of the education and swift registration regulations, EU healthcare assistants are more than welcome to work in the UK. Especially nurses from the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy are in high demand.

TMI accompanies NHS hospitals across the country. In fact, TMI is registered with the NHS framework.

“I would definitely recommend England. It is good for your development and it is nice on your resume.”


Michelle Danen, Nurse

Read more about Michelle's experience in England!

“In January I contacted TMI to discuss the opportunities for me to work as a nurse abroad. Not more than three months later I was on my way to England for a fantastic job as a nurse and I still work there today! TMI gave me great guidance during and after the job interview. I still speak to the account managers regularly.”


Christa Buijs

National Health Service (NHS)

The healthcare in the UK is organized by the National Health Service (NHS). It was founded in 1948 with the idea that everyone in the country, regardless of his or her financial ability, is entitled to the same care. The NHS is open to all residents within the UK. In addition, the NHS is the largest employer in the UK, with over 1.8 million employees.

Requirements for working in the UK:

Preferably you work at least one year. (Temporarily) housing is offered by the hospital.

In order to work in a hospital in the UK you must be registered with the competent council. For example, a nurse has to be registered at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Therefore, you also have to pass an English test called IELTS (International English Language Testing System). The IELTS is part of the registration procedure since February 2016 and contains four areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Under the following links you can apply for the NMC registration and register for the IELTS:
- NMC application form for EU nurses
- IELTS application form

Read more about how to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam on our blog!

However, TMI helps you through the whole process to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We have many years of experience with the NMC registration and can also provide you with useful information about the IELTS. Additionally, we prepare you for the interview with the hospital or the nursing home.

As we work directly with hospitals and nursing homes, we organize the interviews and collect all the necessary documents.

It might be good to know that the BREXIT will not have any influence on the registration procedure for EU healthcare professionals. However, as your recruitment partner in the healthcare sector, we will keep you up to date about the development regarding the BREXIT. Read more about this very current topic on our blog!

Reasons for working in the UK:

The United Kingdom is made up of the countries Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is a melting pot of
different cultures from around the world. The capital city London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Do you
prefer a more quiet environment? Then the green interior offers plenty of opportunities.

Gaining International Work Experience

Gaining International Work Experience

You will work in the most modern hospitals in the UK. 

Improve your English

Improve your English

The ideal opportunity to perfect your English.

Impressive Cities and stunning Landscapes

Impressive Cities and stunning Landscapes

Living in a bustling metropolis, in an authentic town or in the green countryside. 

- Boost your CV by gaining international work experience.

- Get to know a new culture and new people.

- European nurses are in high demand and your efforts will be highly appreciated by the UK hospital.

- UK hospitals offer intensive introduction phases and various training courses. You will always have a responsible
  contact person who you can ask all your questions to.

- UK hospitals give you the chance to prove yourself by showing effort and to alter things in your ward.

- You always have the chance of being promoted and it is easy to switch between departments.

- You can start directly after your graduation.

- It will be exciting to discover the differences between hospitals in your country and the UK!


Concerning the BREXIT, for the coming years we do not expect the situation to change having no effect on EU citizens working in the UK. The government is still working out how they are going to shape the BREXIT, this will become clear in the following months. The expectations are that they will not change the agreements concerning free movement of persons however we will have to wait and see how this is going to develop. Momentarily we are not concerned that it will have effect on our situation.

Moreover recent data from the Brexit Monitor http://brexit-monitor.eu/# confirmed that the healthcare sector will only be affected very slightly (<1%) through the Brexit.

“Working in England is highly recommended if you are just graduated! On the one hand it’s a huge challenge, but on the other hand, I really learned a lot. ”


Tetske Ekhart

Read more about Tetske's experience in England!

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