The Netherlands

In the following you find further information about the conditions of working and living in the Netherlands. We would like to give you an insight into the country, community and culture to get to know this little country a bit better.

Working and Living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are an attractive country when it comes to working and living conditions. In the following sections you will get to know the country a little better and might consider looking for a job there. In any case TMI is here to inform and advise you! 

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The Netherlands are a small country in the western part of Europe. The direct neighbours are Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. Its capital is Amsterdam with the government seated in The Hague. About 16.9 million people live in this small country.


The Dutch culture is one of a kind. People are very friendly and open-minded and generally have a relaxed way of living. Deadlines are set more flexibly and there is not so much pressure at the work place. This however, does not at all mean that they are slow or lazy, they just get their work done in a more relaxed way.

When it comes to food, the Netherlands also offer some specialties. The Netherlands are especially famous for their cheese, which you can find anywhere, anytime and in any shape and colour.


In the Netherlands you live in high European standards. Finding accommodation in big cities can be challenging and quite expensive but is manageable and also living on the country side with a longer distance to your work place is possible. An thanks to the highly developed public transport system you can reach every destination in a rather short time. And since the Netherlands are a quite flat country, cycling is a great way of transportation as well.

The cost of food and other living necessities is on a higher European standard as well. But you can save some money if you make use of local markets for fresh produce instead of buying it in supermarkets.

Free time:

Of course you are not only in the Netherlands to work the entire time. There are countless options when it comes to spending and enjoying your free time. Especially the bigger cities offer numerous museums, as the Rijksmuseum, Van-Gogh-Museum, the Anne Frank House or the Heineken Beer Brewery. There is an option for everyone. Some advice here: the museums card, with which you get special deals and discounts. Further enjoyable free time activities are for example surfing at the coast, visiting the tulip exhibition Keukenhof in spring time or a city-trip. The Netherlands have beautiful cities with great character, old buildings and canals. Visiting Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht is an absolute must. Just take your time exploring this beautiful country full of green landscape, windmills, boats and cheese.

Please consider before you leave:

When you have decided to move to the Netherlands in order to boost your dental career, there are a few more things you will need to consider before you start your life abroad.

- health insurance
- accommodation
- Dutch bank account
- registration at your local community
- BSN-number (citizen service number)
- language

To sum this introduction up we would like to refer you to a short video called "The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words" to give you another funny introduction to this beautiful country.

Being a recruitment agency we surely know about all the challenges that can occur during the process of moving to another country, especially to the Netherlands. So we are happy to help and advise you and always just a call or an e-mail away.

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