Working and living in Amsterdam as a operating department practitioner in an academic hospital (AMC)

What would you do if you get the opportunity to work and live in Amsterdam without going through the process of searching for a job an accommodation? In this blog entry you will find out what you can expect if you are placed by TMI as a operating department practitioners at the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC.

1. Why should work you as a operating department practitioner in Amsterdam?

The Netherlands has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe and is known for a balanced work-life balance. Therefore you can expect good working conditions in the Netherlands. Especially the AMC, which is a well-known academic hospital in Amsterdam, that offers you the possibility to work as a registered theatre nurse. Apart from that you are able to live in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. In Amsterdam you can enjoy all the cultural and multicultural benefits of a capital city, including concert halls world-class museums and much more. It is easy to get around, because you have a good railway system and most of the places are easy to reach with the bike. It is not an everyday opportunity to live and work in Amsterdam. Take this offer to broaden your knowledge and acquire more experiences abroad.

2. What can you expect from the AMC?

The AMC offers you an exciting and challenging work environment with a total of 25 operating rooms and 3 operating units. As a registered theatre nurse you are able to learn, how complex and specialist operations are carried out by using the latest techniques and equipment. You get the opportunity to work in a team where loyalty and teamwork are important components. Therefore you will be accepted quickly by your colleagues and get along well with your new environment. As employee in the AMC you get help to find a nearby accommodation and the opportunity to take part in different trainings. Concluding you can expect to develop your skills, broaden your knowledge and to be treated well.

3. What are your future prospects and benefits as operating department practitioner in the AMC?

As a operating department practitioner you have a lot of opportunities for training and development in your position through clinical lessons and training sessions. You are also able to become an operating nurse with a focus specialism or to take a leadership role. There are several benefits offered to employees in this highly rated hospital, such as a personal budget, being able to use the sport facilities of the AMC, moving costs allowance and much more.

If you are interested in working as a operating department practitioner at the AMC then click here. You can also send us an E-Mail with your CV at:

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