Behind the scenes during the shooting of our international company films

TMI takes you behind the scenes of our international company films...

Lights, Camera, Action

On September 14, 2016, the shooting of our two international company films took place in Amsterdam. In September when there were still tropical temperatures in our office in Amsterdam our crew /main acts had a big challenge to keep their heads cool.



The shooting of both movies took a whole day. There is a German-language film focusing primarily on working and career perspectives in the Healthcare sector in Switzerland and an English language film with the broader focus on working within the healthcare sector in England or Ireland.

The way from film script to the final product

After the script was created for both films, it was the task of the main act to practice the text and present the text in front of the camera. Everything according to the motto: 'Practice makes perfect'. Two nurses that were offered a job in Switzerland and the United Kingdom were expected to tell a personal story about their own experiences. We have given both candidates Frank Duits (German speaking film) and Laura Kosse (English-speaking film) all liberties in the design of their testimonials.

At the end of the day and after a lot of shots, all the film shots were in the pocket and 25 EPS Videoproducties were seized onto the footage to make it work. After compiling a first version of both films, we had teamed up internally, watched both films and gave feedback to each other. We matched our feedback with 25 EPS Videoproducties, whereupon the film agency produced a revised version of the films.

A few weeks ago, after the final touch was completed, we were able to admire the final versions of both films. Of course, we do not want to dispossess you from the films.

Here is the German film, which is mainly directed at working in healthcare in Switzerland: 

And here is the English-language film, with the focus on working in England and Ireland within the healthcare sector:

Last but not least, we would like to thank 25 EPS Videoproducties for the production of both films. Of course, you can also share the films within your circle of friends and acquaintances.

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