7 Tips for a successful Skype job interview

In the following article we will explain you what you have to consider for a successful Skype job interview.

Tips for before your skype job interview:

Tip 1. Surroundings

There are a few things you have to think about. The most important thing is that you should know how Skype works. By testing all functions you are able to increase your familiarity with it and learn how to make it work best for you. It is important to be aware that the one who is in control of what is shown on the screen is you. Therefore, you have to set the scene ahead of time with the correct lighting and surroundings. Make sure to have natural light from a nearby window or use a table lamp so that it illuminates your face. In accordance to your surroundings a well-lit, quiet, and neutral space with a blank or neutral background helps your interviewer to be focused on you.

Tip 2. Skype profile and equipment

You should be aware that your employer’s first impression of you is your Skype username and profile picture. It is advisable to keep your account photo and name professional. Before starting the Skype interview check all your equipment. Make also sure to have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Tip 3. Dress appropriately

The first impression is important. Therefore, you should think about what you will wear at the Skype interview. The right outfit will help you to mentally prepare and get into a professional mode of thinking. Assuming that you will be seen from the waist up, you may be tempted to wear your favorite tracksuit bottoms, but it’s best to dress from head to toe. Your interviewer will find it out if you stand up to adjust your equipment or to get something.

Tip 4. Mock interview

Ask a good friend or someone with experiences in interviews to practice a Skype interview with you. After you received some advice from your partner and feel confident you can do a mock interview. Therefore, you simulate the upcoming Skype interview by putting on the right outfit and behaving like it is the real Skype interview. It would be advisable to take a video of it. So you are able to identify where you have to improve and which things are most important for you.

What are important points to pay attention to during a Skype job interview?

Tip 5. Body language

During the skype interview it is important to know how you use your none- verbal communication. You have to place the computer slightly higher than you normally do, so that it’s capturing your face-on and you’re not looking down at it. Maintain eye contact much like you would with an actual person by looking in the camera and not on your screen. Try to loosen up and relax as much as possible.

You should smile, but don’t overdo it. The way you present yourself can show your interviewer that you are positive, confident and enthusiastic about the job. So speak clearly, loudly and show the right emotions for the things you are saying. Remember to blink and try to keep from nervous gestures such as twirling your hair or picking at your nails during the interview.

Tip 6. Ask the right questions

As for a regular interview, you also need to think about which questions you have to ask. By asking some incisive questions you will leave more of a lasting impression in the mind of your interviewer. Because that shows that you have the curiosity and initiative to seek more information. Here some examples of question you could ask:

Do you offer professional development opportunities?

What are the next steps?

Tip 7. Notes - before and during the Skype interview

It is good to be prepared by writing every important topic down. Those notes can help you to structure the whole interview. During the Skype interview you have also the advantage to have your notes in front of you. Make sure you are familiar with your notes. Because your interviewer can’t see your notes, but he noticed it if you get distracted or if you are just reading off the page. Therefore, you should keep your notes in an easily format to get what you need at quick glance.Don’t be afraid if something doesn’t proceedas planned. Just explain it to your interviewer and focus on how to convince your interviewer with everything you’ve prepared and learned so far.

We hope we could help you understand important points to consider, when you have a Skype job interview! Good luck with your Skype interview and if you need more tips or if you wish to practice, please contact us and we would be eager to prepare you.

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